Neutral good

Chaotic Neutral.

Lawful Good, obvs :P

True Neutral but I kinda did it on purpose. Having a True Neutral kind of night.

Chaotic Neutral, apparently.

Chaotic Good. Seems about right. 




I like cupcakes. You like cupcakes. Chances are, if you live in a relatively large city you already have a trendy and hip cupcakery in your local ‘used to be artsy neighborhood until starbucks moved in signaling it okay for new money yuppies to buy up all the condos and complete the neighborhood…

So, today the owner of mollyscupcakes ran into my friend, the one who wrote this review over TWO YEARS AGO, at the bank. He motioned for my friend to take out his earbuds, and proceeded to call him a “little piece of shit.” Then they got into a confrontation and had to me separated by bank tellers. 

I have a lot of friends who are small business owners, and they all have their own problems with Yelp reviewers. But here’s how they generally handle it: by ignoring them. I myself have written scathing reviews of places that really pissed me off and 99% of them have been ignored. One time a bakery owner emailed me to ask whether it was necessary to my review that I snark that his bakery “smells like shortening and old people” and while it’s true that that bakery DOES smell like shortening and old people, which is one of the main reasons why I think it’s gross, I thought he approached me in a reasonable way, so I edited my review to simply say that I don’t like the way their food tastes. 

My friend isn’t a bullshitter by nature, but I decided to take a look at Molly’s Cupcake’s other Yelp reviews just to see what was up. Turns out the bulk of their 1 & 2 star reviews come from people who experienced unfriendly service, as my friend describes here. Perhaps his description was more detailed and hilarious that other Yelp reviews, but nevertheless, his experience was not an isolated one. 

I’m seriously so bummed on the business owner’s reaction to a bad review. Not just a bad review, but one that was published (and removed from Yelp) two years ago. Like, you guys are all familiar with Amy’s Baking Company at this point, right? Have we learned nothing? 

Fuck Molly’s Cupcakes. There are a million other cupcake shops in Chicago. Go to More or Sprinkles  or Paper Moon Pastry where no one will give you attitude and the owner won’t assault you at the bank. 

Hey Chicago, FYI